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On behalf of the Marble Hill 225 Reunion & Development Committee and the entire Marble Hill Family, wherever you may be, we thank you for your love, trust and support over the years.

Our special thanks to the official members who paid their dues and showed their love for Marble Hill by supporting us financially and with their time and effort.

As we move closer to the 9th Annual Marble Hill Reunion Weekend,  we need your help to reach the goal again.

Once we have received your membership payment, you will receive an immediate confirmation. Then we need a photo sent by email, and you'll receive your membership card by mail in a few days.

                                                                             Checks and Money Orders can be sent to:

                                                                               Marble Hill225 Reunion & Development  Project Inc.

                                                                      P.O. Box 393

                                                                   Bronx New York, 10463


  Questions? Contact Rev. Joyce Taylor      646.431.2132

Use PayPal to pay membership or to make a donation